How a Business Mentor Can Help

A business coach is a seasoned entrepreneur who has been where you want to go, and has experienced everything you would like to experience. A business coach can provide you with outside perspective and counsel to construct a more profitable business through best practice benchmarking–without needing to go through all of the painful trial and error yourself! In a real way, a business coach is very similar to a sports trainer, in that your trainer’s role is to help you concentrate, plan, prepare, perform, and regroup so that you achieve the results you’re committed to in your enterprise.

Too many small business owners build their businesses in isolation, lacking the external perspective and opinions from an adventure mentor. Most business owners do not have anybody in their business who challenges their thinking, and questions their assumptions. Sure they have a great deal of workers, but it is asking a lot for someone who depends on you for their family’s financial support to actually challenge you with the things you do not wish to, but really need to, listen to. Additionally, they have “been there, and done that” and can talk to you from their direct experiences. Pick top business advisors with deep expertise set and knowledge to draw upon as a mentor. The entire notion of leveraging a business coach is to help you avoid a great deal of the expensive trial and error that many business owners take as they build a business.

Choose a mentor who can articulate and explain things to you in easy, step-by-step language so that you can incorporate what they share and put it into immediate and beneficial use. Meet frequently with your business coach, but not overly often. You would like to meet frequently enough that you can have effective accountability, but not too often that you don’t have the time to get things done. Get your small business coach weekly updates on your progress. 5-15 minutes spent each week to upgrade your mentor about your progress both adds a layer of accountability into the mix and keeps your mentor up to pace with your company so that he can give you his very best input. Make sure you use the latest tech for your business, such as hardware through ultra light faster laptops with longer battery life, tablets and smartphones, software or more importantly cloud based solutions that run across multiple devices, social media and DIY website/online solutions that enable everyone to be their own journalist or PR agency, and various apps which can help any business coaching experience.

Do not just concentrate on one-off challenges; look for systematic, international solutions. Solving a challenge is fantastic, but solving a challenge in a way that enhances and develops your company’s internal controls and systems is much more valuable. Systems driven solutions are more secure and easier to grow. Give consent to your business coach to hold you accountable. The perfect business coach will always be in your corner, and sometimes this means being the one person in your business life who calls you on the mat.

Do not rationalize or explain the fact, because even if you “win” the discussion, reality will still win the war. At some point or another most thought they could explain away a challenge or situation with a well-rehearsed argument. Truth is what reality is, and the objective facts are the objective facts. You do not have to defend or make excuses with your mentor. Use your small business coaching relationship to be the one place where you can be completely transparent with what’s happening in your business life. Your business coach can allow you to take complete responsibility and accept the objective facts on the ground. And from this area you can both think of an effective plan of action to exploit those details to attain your business objectives.

Your mentor has seen just about all you are dealing with while offering coaching for business, and has worked through it all. Let them save you the time, emotion, energy, and money by assisting you to learn from their experiences, versus the painful and costly trial and error. Get rid of your excuses.

Sure you will mess up and have set backs, but time’s likely to pass either way. What will you be saying 3 years from now? “If only I had…” or “I am so glad I did! “?

So dive in and set your trainer’s input into actions.

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