Print Collateral and its Place in Marketing

Antiquated. Outdated. Unnecessary. Ask an inbound-only marketer about printing collateral, and all these are the phrases you will hear in your response.   

Meanwhile, marketers who see the big picture are using creative, conceptual leave-behinds to put a bow in their brand experience and produce a tangible impression with custom printing. With digital getting the more prevalent marketing and advertising medium, there are moments when a high-touch of print marketing can create a surprisingly profound effect.  

Print marketing (and even the packaging) that is “unique, thoughtful and innovative” can appeal to the purchaser. The key is using colour, photography and each of the possibilities that this advertising medium offers.  

Additionally, marketing collateral strengthens and builds relationships, especially by making a lasting visual impression provided that it ties to the worth of this solution or service so that it subtly reinforces your brand by simply maintaining you “top of mind”.  

By way of example, the automotive industry is dependent upon print and electronic collateral since they are aware that TV commercials independently and even that “new car smell” are not sufficient to reel in picky customers with a lot of alternatives in 2017. Therefore, Nissan utilizes digital security to accommodate its own automobiles’ new high-tech merchandise attributes. Meanwhile, the Jaguar Land Rover has set both digital and print to operate in its own delicate rebrands and Mercedes-Benz utilizes it in its own co-branding attempts. 

We have also noticed that in luxury property, in addition to tourism and hospitality, advertising collateral and print advertisements are an indispensable part of promoting through persuasive visual images. It works for traveling companies pushing the coastal shores of Florida or the Bahamas, in addition to those boosting holidays from the quaint Welsh countryside and also for the spectacle of Wyoming. 

Nevertheless, companies do not necessarily have to be in the company of luxury or panoramic views to utilize marketing collateral to add business. For small and midsize companies, print nevertheless packs a punch. According to a tech entrepreneur who wrote lately for Business 2 Community, print advertising is an important part of brand building in addition to “double back on social networking” and other advertising and marketing campaigns. 

Whatever business sector you’re in, regardless of what kinds of companies you work with, marketing security in the digital and print form may serve a larger purpose.  

Print Is Primal 

When creating brochures, mailers, and other print advertising materials, graphic designers will often speak about creating collateral that “feels important.” Seeing a booklet on a screen doesn’t deliver the exact same tactile fulfillment as holding the very same booklet in your hand. We see countless things on our screens each day and the electronic overload diminishes the feeling of significance in even the most memorable layout. 

Before we go any further, let us make one thing clear: As we pump up the marketing value of published materials, we are referring just to those that are unique, thoughtful and creative. A static folder with a couple market sheets doesn’t qualify as high-quality print collateral. If you’re likely to put money into print design, make it amazing. Imagine sizes, shapes, finishes and other fine details that can make your piece more valuable than the paper it is printed on. Consumer packaging can function as a fantastic source of inspiration. 

The Effect Is Quicker 

Print collateral strengthens and builds relationships. It shows you have gone out of your way to devote money and time on something that you plan to give away free of charge. We call it a “leave-behind” because it’s meant to expand your existence. This leave behind subtly reinforces your brand to the “top of mind” notion.  

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