How to make air compressors environmentally friendly

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An air compressor uses any kind of energy source to store compressed air, and later deliver those stored air when it is needed by man. Air compressors are used domestically, professionally, and in the industries. It’s usefulness to man cannot be debated. Also not to be debated is the negative effects improper handling of these air compressors can have on the environment. When efforts are made to make the air compressors under our care environmentally friendly, we will save resources, time, and money that would have been spent in catering for the damages done in catering for hazardous air compressors. Below we will consider steps you can take to make your air compressors as environmentally friendly as possible.

Making air compressors environmentally friendly

Use appropriate fluid for the air compressor

For air compressor fittings that work on diesel, using appropriate fluid can achieve much good. Fluids lubricate and serve as fuel for the parts of the machine and ensure that it is operating optimally. When the appropriate fluid is used, there will be little energy wasted by the machine. When inappropriate air compressor fluids are used, much energy will be generated, but little will be converted into doing useful work. This will impose strain on the resources of the user of the air compressor and also on the environment. Synthetic fluids have slowly overtaken hydrocarbons as the appropriate¬†lubricating fluids for air compressors. These fluids cause less corrosion of the air compressor’s parts. Hence it is more energy efficient. But when choosing fluids for your air compressors, it is important you consider the type and model of air compressor.¬† Appropriate fluids remove the heat of compression, seal the rotor and provide necessary lubrication for the bearing. Fluids that are biodegradable should be used to lubricate the air compressor.

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Maintain the air compressor regularly

Trained technicians and experts should be available to maintain the air compressor on a regular basis. When the parts of the air compressor are in good condition, the air compressor will be more environmentally friendly. The fluids passed out as waste by the air compressor will be minimal. The energy dissipated by the air compressor will also be reduced. This increases the efficiency of the compressor. Energy efficient air compressor is an environmentally friendly air compressor. The parts of the air compressor should be maintained in a minimum of six months. This will definitely reduce the downtime of the air compressor and increase its efficiency.

Recycle the air compressor

There are many air compressors that are designed with recyclable parts. Recyclable parts are environmentally friendly parts. It is better for you to go for air compressors that you can easily reuse or recycle it’s parts. There are even air compressors available in the market that use renewable energy to function.

Dispose the air compressor wastes appropriately

The waters used in operating air compressors are disposed of as wastes. There may be runoffs in the air compressor. The lubricating fluids may drain off with the waters from the air compressor. If these waters are allowed to litter the grounds, they can pollute the ground. To prevent that from happening, this waste should be disposed of in an appropriate way. Water should not be allowed to litter the grounds. The holes in the air compressors should be covered in the right way to avoid any spills. These spills can invite insects. It is better to prevent situations that will invite these insects than to fight them with insecticides when they have become many. The use of insecticides in controlling insects around air compressors will cause more harms to the environment. Some of the chemicals used in producing these insecticides are harmful to health.

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