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Adding volunteering experience to your resume can enhance it a lot, no matter the field of expertise you have. You being a volunteer for something tells the employer that you believe in serving the society selflessly and are not obsessed with monetary compensation. The type of volunteer work you do also gives an insight into your personality, for instance, if you do teaching, the employer can know that you are a good leader and can guide people well.

Having said that, volunteering on its own is highly rewarding. It is an experience that one must have regularly in life. Being a volunteer provides an insight into the hardships faced by other people and can help us disconnect with our reality for some time. Such good breaks are essential for mental restoration and looking back at our life with greater optimism and satisfaction.

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So, if you plan to do volunteer work, these are the different types which you can add to your resume:

1.    Short – Term Programs

In this form of volunteer programs, you are required to provide a service on a short-term basis typically up to a few days or a month. These programs can be not for profit or profit. Most of the short-term volunteer programs focus on intensive cultural interaction. Often they do not require the volunteer to have any special skill or expertise. No wonder, they are also one of the most common forms of volunteering programs available abroad. However, before accepting the volunteering activity, understand the impact that is there due to your placement in it. You must just not be filling gaps for someone else.

2.    Long – Term Programs

Most of these programs focus on providing some form of empowerment to the local people. Often they require the volunteers to have some specific skills or expertise. Some of the volunteering placements are provided with the payment of a fee, while others are free projects which you can organize yourself.

The biggest pro of this form of the program is that you work closely with the local people for a considerable period (more than 1 month and up to years) and you can realize your impact on difficult issues. But since the program is long – term, the results of your work might not be visible right away.

3.    Conservation Programs

These programs mainly work with conservation activities in the wildlife and environmental field. The issues focussed through these programs can be on a global or a local scale. Some examples include looking after and caring for endangered animals, practising sustainable farming, cleaning of the lake – waters, etc.

Although the results of the volunteering show up very early on, there could be some tension particularly if the conservation comes in the way of local economic development. If you are working in a similar hostile project, be prepared mentally and physically.

4.    Relief Programs

Most of these programs involve working during emergencies. These situations can arise because of natural disasters or conflicts. The projects are usually provided on short notice and typical activities include ensuring the provision of food, water, medicine, shelter, and sanitation.

The program is very rewarding on the outset as your work will readily make an impact on the people concerned, but it could also be quite stressful emotionally and physically. So, prepare yourselves accordingly. These may include varied services such as aged care, disabled care, youth support services and many others.

So, these were the different volunteering programs available. There are many more available in various countries around the world, do check them out and apply for the appropriate one. One thing to note, volunteering is not only investment in others, but it is on the self as well.

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