Utility of Portable air compressors

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Portable air compressors can draw air from the surroundings. This air trapped are stored in an enclosed system which can be used immediately or for future purposes. The principle of air compression is applied in the following applications:

HVAC Control System: this machine uses air compressors to control the temperature of an enclosed system. This system has evaporators and condensers. This air conditioning and heating system through which it determines the temperature of the system it hopes to regulate. This air regulating system has been set by the designer to output a particular temperature. Once the temperature of the regulated system falls below or above the set temperature depending on the usage, the air compressor draws air from the surrounding through its piston or vane. The compressor will continue to draw air into the vane until it reaches the set or maximum limit. A control valve shuts the compressor from receiving more air. The air is compressed and poured into the regulated system until it reaches the set temperature. That is the output or desired temperature that was set by the designer of the HVAC control system. At this point the control valve shuts the condenser and evaporator from releasing more air into the controlled system. Once the temperature of the controlled system rises or fall to a certain set limit, the valve that controls the piston and valves opens up for it to receive more air and continue the cycle again.

The HVAC control system is used for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It can be found in homes, offices, and many appliances that requires heating or cooling.

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Portable gas cylinders for industrial uses: gas cylinders use the principle of air compression to store gases above atmospheric pressures. These gases may be in the form of vapor or liquid or fluid. These cylindrical hard metal cases have valves and fitting at the top. You can fill the cylinder when it is empty through the valves and fitting at the top of the cylinder. The stored gas can be used used in industries for welding and steel cutting.

Pneumatic tools: some tools like the jackhammers can be powered with air compressors. Any of such tools that are powered by air compressors are called pneumatic tools. The beautiful thing about these pneumatic tools is their mode of operation. While operating these pneumatic tools are silent, there are no health hazards like electrical shocks, or sparks associated with its operation. Pneumatic tools are very light compared to their equivalent electrical tools. There are general grade industrial grade pneumatic tools. The industrial grades are more expensive and stores more energy than the general grade. A pneumatic tool can store up to 4 to 6 bars of pressures.

Valves in inflating tires: some valves are used in inflating tires. Modern tires are designed with the ability to be inflated by compressed air. Every tire has a valve though which the hose from the inflating valve is connected to it. During operation compressed airs from the valve is transferred into the tires until it reaches the limit of air it can accommodate. This principle is used in inflating the tires used in bicycles, bikes, cars, buses, Lorries, heavy equipment, and aircrafts.

Diving equipment: a diver uses air compressed equipment to survive by having the means to breathe in adequate air. Without adequate air, divers will find it difficult to breathe and will quickly drown. To make survival easy for divers, they wear surface supplies equipment that is attached to their umbilical. This surface supplied diving equipment is affordable and can supply enough air to the diver.

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